What is “Women of Minorities”?

Women of Minorities is a flagship initiative of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). Its primary goal is to provide tailored solutions to foster the resilience of women from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to pursue their rights to equality and non-discrimination.

Women of Minorities aims to inform, inspire, and impact with the following objectives:

  • Identifying and promoting good practices to address the unique challenges that women of minorities face.
  • Building the capacities of women belonging to minorities to advance their right to equality and non-discrimination within and beyond their communities.
  • Raising awareness about multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination.
  • Providing a platform for constructive dialogue between women and men of minorities and majorities.
  • Becoming a hub for interaction and an accelerator of positive change.

Women of Minorities is a vision and a mission, open to everyone committed to advancing equality.