Women belonging to minority groups can face unique challenges in life. They may encounter discrimination for being women and belonging to cultural, ethnic, religious, linguistic, or other communities. Some communities are well-integrated within the majority society, while others are marginalised.

To raise awareness about the multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination these women face, the Women of Minroities project launched a video series called "Their Stories". The short videos feature personal testimonies of women from different parts of Europe.

We want to highlight the obstacles and problems that have shaped their characters and lives and show their coping mechanisms, the solutions they have found, and the inner strength that has helped them become leaders and professionals.

By sharing their journeys and promoting them as role models, we hope to inspire women facing similar challenges. The initiative seeks to reach out to women in disadvantaged situations and encourage them to take control of their lives, empowering them to shape their own future.

Anna N. Schlegel

Anna N. Schlegel

The Truly Global Catalan

Check out the video to learn more about Anna's journey from a Catalan girl to a globally renowned professional.