Equality Document (Vienna 2023)

On 21-22 November 2023, representatives of ten FUEN Member organisations gathered in Vienna for the first meeting within the framework of the FUEN Women of Minorities project. The group's joint efforts during the workshop session resulted in the equality mechanisms presented below, with specific elements outlined under each one.

The document Towards Development of FUEN Equality Standards for the Network and the Member Organisation (hyperlink) summarises the workshop findings.

Women in Minority Organisations – FUEN Survey 2022

The survey, conducted among the FUEN member organisations in November 2022, was the launch of the new programme line “Women of Minorities”. The study aimed to screen the level of and the attitudes towards gender equality across the network so that with an increased understanding of the status quo, the minority organisation can engage in a constructive discussion about the ways forward.

The questionnaire was entirely ANONYMOUS because its purpose was not to “blame and shame” but to outline the engagement of the FUEN member organisations with the topic and whether they adhere to and implement the gender equality principles in their work. Presenting and discussing the preliminary survey findings, the current report points out some of the identified challenges to equality and active participation of women of minorities. It outlines the areas of potential future FUEN intervention.

The analysis of the results confirmed the impression we often get at FUEN events: in principle, women are well represented in the organisations, but mainly in the operational area.